Passionate about fashion and trends, she owns a brand and aspires into creating her own designs.

Kristen Dibando

I’m Naweya Kristen Dibando and I am 21 years old.  I am a single mother, student and most especially CEO of #Dibandho. I’m a fashion person! I have a passion for fashion; I love creating and recreating designs, making new trends, wearing clothes and matching with accessories that no one could even imagine!

Talking about me, most people know me as Dibs Lionn, that’s because I’m a fighter and a winner! Life has taught me a lot of lessons! I had my baby who is 2 yrs now at a very tender age when I just got into the university. I was still naive and I let peer pressure get into my head!

I thank God for the wonderful family I have plus I was able to have the baby with no complications. I am a young girl who’s raising a 2yr old boy (with my family of course) and I’ve decided to get back to school! So, I am actually on a degree program.

I’ve always had this in mind, to own a brand, make my own clothes, show the world my own styles, my definition of fashion, get my models to showcase the clothes, send them to social media forums. For a moment I thought this was very easy to do until I entered into it and realized it’s not what I was thinking! Well, I started with selling clothes! I sell women and men clothes and accessories as well as children.

I got clothes from Douala and sold online and to my friends around. I was making cool cash and I was introduced to get better clothes from Turkey which are of better quality but more expensive!

Y’all know Cameroon nah!

Client’s want good stuffs but no money!

Now a girl is forced to sell at discounts because I can’t keep stuffs pending since I am in a student milieu and almost all clients around are students except referrals that came in from other people that were non students. Online sales were great too but many people will complain about finances due to the present state of the country.

Well, I don’t give up!

I didn’t go back to selling the regular stuffs from Douala. Instead, I kept expanding bit by bit with the good stuffs I get abroad (Turkey, Dubai, China), though I am not making no gain yet.

I do this because I am trying to build a foundation for the Dibandho brand and most people already know Dibs as someone who sells authentic and good quality stuffs. The good in it is that the foundation is getting stronger, the bad is we’re losing more money but it’s worth the sacrifice! So, this is a very big short coming because we all expect to make gain from sales, for that’s why we sell! But this is rather an investment and like I said, it’s worth it!

I want any sista reading this to know that, you can do whatever you put your head to. Anybody can do it! You, me, somebody, some other person, just anybody!

My plans are to make my own cloths & sell which will be of even better quality. Since the brand is still in process and has not yet been launched, we’re just using DibsVogue to sell, give fashion inspiration (that’s give fashion styles on how to wear certain clothes) for Casual/urban, anniversary, work all types of outfits. The brand name itself is #Dibandho.  DibsVogue is the social media handles for all the Dibandho products.

 I believe in decency though, because like I said, I am a mom. We must not get naked to be sexy!

You can get to me on my Instagram page #Dibsvogue and Facebook:  #DibsVogue., Tel;652468905

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