Ghana: Andrew Abuska recycles household organic waste into maggots as animal feed and humus-rich fertilizer.

What do we do with our household produced waste that won’t further deplete the environment?? that has been one of the major preoccupations of these recent times.

Andrew Abuska, CEO EyeoftheBrain

Andrew Abuska is a young Ghanian, CEO of Eyeofthebrain Ecofeeds, an innovative recycling company that biodegrades abattoir and household organic waste into maggots (protein for fish, poultry, pigs) and humus-rich fertilizer for organic agriculture.

Maggot has more than 65% protein and many other essential amino acids. It is used to feed livestock and fish whiles the substrate(rich in humus) is used as fertilizer for organic agriculture. This innovation is cheap and renewable. It keeps the environment clean and safe, creates jobs for the young people and also serves as a sustainable source of protein for the animal and fish as well as the general agriculture industry.

Cow faeces

With different organic waste- collecting sites in Ghana, the wastes ( Faeces, blood and most animal parts of which are not eaten, as well as waste collected from household and abattoir ) are taken to the processing site where they are left to decompose for 3 to 4 days, (maximum 7 days). From there, It takes 3 days (maximum 1 week) to harvest the maggots which live in the substrate. When this is done, the set is discarded and another cultured. The whole process is Eco-friendly.

Fresh maggots

The maggots and substrate are harvested separately. Summarily, the end products of our organic waste are Fresh maggots and Substrates. The fresh maggots are used as fish feed, dried maggots as poultry feed and dried milled maggots as animal feed. The substrate is further processed into dry powder substrates which is used as fertilizer.

At Eyeofthebrain Ecofeeds, their vision is to become the leading waste to protein and Fertilizer Company in Ghana and the West African sub region. The leading Maggot company in Africa!!

Andrew is also the founder and CEO of Eyeofthebrain Engineering, an engineering firm that  recycles scrap metals, plates and sheets into cheaper gas cooking and baking appliances. He has produced and supplied more than thousand (1000) pieces of gas stoves and ovens to poor rural households to reduce carbon footprint. He is also the owner of Good Food Enterprise, an innovative bakery company that uses local and indigenous ingredients. He has produced and supplied about a million hybrid cocoa seedling for Newmont Ghana Gold resettled farmers in the Asutifi District.

Youths employed

He has created jobs and employed more than 100 people most of which are young, poor and unskilled. Andrew is contributing his quota to fighting and attaining the UN SDGs. His ideas, works and achievements respond to the SDG 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

Andrew Abuska holds a Master’s Degree in Executive Business Administration from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST) Ghana and a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Technology from the University for Development Studies (UDS) Ghana. He also has certificates in Industrial Development Service from Japan and Intensive Aquaculture Productions, Israel.


He has has won several awards both local and international in recognition for his contribution to a better life,better environment and better world; notably the STAR of Business and Entrepreneurship YALI RLC Accra Ghana, Cohort 15.

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