Peter Kweku Anowie resigns from his banking job to set up an eco-fashion shoe-making company in Ghana

Peter Kweku Anowie is a young Ghanian, co-founder of Koliko Wear, a company which makes shoes out of used jeans, furniture woolens, bed sheets, jute sacks, and rubber from used car tires.

Peter Kweku Anowie

Banker by profession, Peter Kweku Anowie resigned from his banking job to become a shoemaker. “I use recycled materials to make shoes” he told us.

In the process of helping his shoemaker friend whose business was collapsing, Anowie decided to delve into eco-fashion, manufacturing shoes from used materials after realizing how profitable the business could be.

“I am from Takoradi, in western Ghana. One day I chanced upon a shoemaker friend whose business was collapsing. I told him I could assist by investing some small capital in his business, so that he can continue to operate.”

Later, realizing shoe-making could be profitable, Anowie decided to go all in. “I saw that it was a cool and creative business, and I just resigned from my banking job to get involved in the shoe-making business full-time. I am a business administration student and I majored in banking and finance, so I have some knowledge of business.”

For him, the transition from banking to entrepreneurship happened by chance and Mr. Anowie also wanted to establish something that could train the youth and “show them how to be financially independent, how to get something going so that they can improve their living standards.”

employees at work

Three years in, the business currently employs about a dozen people. “I am very happy because I see that other people around are being trained in the shoe-making business. They are not just earning money for themselves, they are also able to take care of their friends and extended family.”

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