Fonjong Cyril and Moghamo

My community, my life.
Cyril Fonjong

Ghandi once said “The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others”. Fonjong F Cyril found the reason of his existence by serving the MOGHAMO community. Little did he know it was a life changing experience…

Moghamo (or megamaw, mogamaw, muxamo) is a Bantoid language of the Grassfields spoken in Cameroon by about 75 000 people (2008), especially in the district of Batibo (Momo Department, North West Region), in the village Ngyembo of the Mbengwi district, also in the Mezam department, in some villages of the Santa district (such as Baforchu, Baba II and Mbei) as well as in Banjah. Sometimes considered a meta dialect, it is part of the momo group.


Born in July 5th 1991 at the heart of Batibo sub-division he attended Catholic primary school Batibo where he obtained his FSLC. He later moved like many other kids of his age living in that community to GHS Batibo where he had his GCE Ordinary and Advanced level. Following his brilliant course, he was very enthusiastic joining the dynamic team of the students of Yaounde I. Things really turned bad for Cyril when he got the information that his parents could no longer bear the cost of his education. It seemed the world was coming to an end for him, but what other choice did he have?

As he put down his bags the day he arrived home, he looked around him and in his eyes could be read signs of distress and frustration. Nevertheless, he knew he had to do something, but what? Having acquired some skills at the university, he decided to use them as he started talking to youths in his home town about being better citizens. Also, he provided the youths with capacity building and training.

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Bit by bit, he was getting himself set for the race. He found the love of serving his community grow day after day. Thus, he founded GIHA FOUNDATION (Giving Hope to All Foundation).  The foundation had as goal sensitizing youths and seeing that they become problem solvers to their communities and country. Its Facebook page is Giving Hope to All Foundation and it’s website


From there on, Cyril has done amazing things for his community. For almost 5 years in community management today, he has succeeded in organizing several Capacity training seminars for student leaders, has funded the education of 22 orphans. More to this, he helped 4 handicap persons, volunteers with orphanages, works with 8 schools and encourages the involvement of students into school club activities within his community. As a result of this, he was granted a scholarship to study at Jomatt Polytechnic Batibo, where he presently studies Human resource management.

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One of the striking accomplishments of this young man is the online TV he created for his community. The MOGHAMO TV ONLINE. If you want to know everything about Moghamo, its 22 united villages, their Culture, People , Education , Administration,  Financial structures ,Health facilities this online TV provides it.


His aim is to make the Moghamo community more united via this media, thereby working hand in hand with the elites. As a result, he gets his people informed about the major happenings and they follow him up in his activities within Moghamo and the grass-field at large. You can get to them through their Facebook page Moghamo Tv Online and their website

Afflicted in seeing the young girls around his community put an end to their dreams as a result of early pregnancies, he launched the Teen Mum Empowerment Program.

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The program is out to give hope to these girls and sensitize other teens in not falling in the same trap. Personally, I was touched when he said “I hope that teen moms realize that their path to success still exists, and the only way to achieve it is to make the decision to go after it”. A He For She!.


His deeds could really not go unnoticed. He was awarded a recognition from the Marie Kedju Foundation in New York.


A Yocicopo Award for community service and youths empowerment in Cameroon. He is a Cameroon Leadership third edition participant and award winner.

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Like a phoenix Cyril rose  from his ashes. He discovered that through his community, he could change his life and that of the people around him. Cyril considers all the work he has accomplished as foundations for greater accomplishments. With lot’s of projects in mind, the Moghamo community, Cameroon and Africa see’s emerging a guru of community development and cultural promotion. I will end with this quote of George Bernard Shaw “I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can”

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