When we get the name Madiba, what comes to our mind is Nelson Mandela Madiba, and this great man is synonymous to power, success, empowerment conviction, determination and all what greatness can be. But little will you know that in the Sawa language of Cameroon (the Douala people), Madiba means ”Water”. You will surely be asking yourself where i’m driving to.

His name is Ismael Essome alias Madiba, young Cameroonian who decided to raise the voice that was speaking within him. It all started in 2011 when he was coming back from one of his classes from the university. A heavy rain met him on the way and in about thirty minutes, his neighborhood was flooded by plastic bottles. At the view of this and with the passion he had for protecting nature, he started nursing the feeling of doing something to help get rid of this plague that was ruining the town from which he hailed, Cameroon and Africa in general.

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