Ah Bon Hein?! Cultural Enterprise

it is true that time and epochs are changing. But what will be the essence of life of a people who lose their identity like a snake that moults? Here presented are young people who have decided through a cultural enterprise to preserve our cultural heritage. Ah Bon Hein?!

Ah bon hein?!
Losing our culture and customs leads to a loss of identity. As a child, my mother always told me, “Look at where you come from and you’ll know where you’re going to.” If I lose sight of my origins, then I will be at a loss as per the direction I will take. So it is for Africa and its rich culture. It is deplorable that gradually, and even unconsciously, Africans lose and forget this rich heritage. Fortunately, there are still some who remain linked to this culture. Here are young people who decided through a cultural enterprise to put us in constant touch with our roots.

What is it all about?
It’s a cultural enterprise set up by young Cameroonians, which will serve as a constant window to the so-called android and technological era of African youths today. To learn and transmit a culture which is often forgotten.
It is through inspiring pictures that the concept is thrown on social media. Thus arousing the curiosity of so many. Moreover, the originality of the name, which was not chosen haphazardly, is a point of interest.
abh 2
The first time I was exposed to the idea and the place, I remained blissful. The choice of the place itself is not a coincidence. Built out of clay frame, a style peculiar to Africa. Serenity and calm, like an aura set itself there and allows an almost mysterious communion with our culture.
The peculiarities of ah bon hein!?
This company has as particularity its idea. It is a place that welcomes a community with main aim allowing it freely share resources, skills and knowledge.
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Here, the communion is done around a culture (precise culture paying homage to the men who worked for the community around the vicinity the structure is implanted, precise cultural places and historical areas around the place the structure is implanted…).
There is an African proverb, which says, “A hungry man is an angry man”. Thus, they planned all that is needed for a good fill-up of the belly. Pure traditional dishes like, Groundnut and egusi pudding, ekomba and others. Miam!
abh 16
For drinks, we have Palm wine, commonly called palmy, matango or djapalo, folere, fruit juice, and beer. The prices are more than affordable, prices like those of our neighbourhood bars (beer on average 650, juice 200, 50 chips!).
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In Cameroon, the cultural memory is minutely represented in the streets of its cities. Their objective is to revive this memory. Therefore, they decided that the walls of ah bon hein!? will be a haven for the exposure of it.
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Who says culture, says communion between men and nature. Thus, the place is ecological (furniture made of waste of all kinds, electronic waste, sheets, pallets, old furniture redesigned or not …).
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The musical broadcast is of quality (they tap constantly from what is good musically in Africa and elsewhere). Artists such as Francis Bebey, Manu Dibango, Eboa Lotin, Orlando Julius, Baobab Orchestra, Toumani Diabate, are frequently honoured among others.
Entertainment games like songho, checkerboard, and chess are offered to those who enter their homes.
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In addition, there is a space for reading and artists who show up quite often and surprisingly for performances and so. For example, we had the honour of attending the performance of the artist Gabriella Badjeck at the official launching and opening of ah bon hein?!It is with vigour that the public answered present on April 28 at the launch of this emblematic place. The atmosphere was friendly.
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Why ah bon hein?!
In Cameroon there is a popular language called Camfranglais. A mix of French, English, and Cameroonian languages. Generally, ah bon hein ?! is said to translate an astonishment, a questioning. These young people found it funny to call their project so. Here we find a contact between two different eras. The two epochs complement each other in fact. The question mark and exclamation mark has its own meaning. The question that arises after we are told about ah bon hein? And after visiting it. This question remains unanswered and stumbles on the exclamation. There is therefore a desire in the visitors for introspection. The issues raised amazes the visitor, the astonishment has no end.
Do not hesitate to visit the place. Infront of mobile Olezoa in Yaounde, their Facebook page is simply ah bon hein?! There you can get more information.
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I will not stop writing if I want to study ah bon hein! In its entirety. This place will become historical for the Cameroonian culture. Be one of those who will tell the story. I get on adventure to discover the world, I run after technology, but in my bag I put my most important weapon, that which will allow me fight against the oblivion of my roots, I take my culture with me.

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